Flue gas treatment- Sodimate

Flue Gas Treatment

Flue gas treatment is the process of reducing the amount of pollutants that are emitted when fossil fuels, including wood, natural gas, oil, and coal are burnt at a power plant, an industrial facility, or any other place. These pollutants, if released freely, can affect the quality of air, both...

Activated Carbon Wastewater Treatment

Activated Carbon for Wastewater Treatment

Life can’t be imagined without water, and that’s why it’s important to use it efficiently and conserve it whenever possible. In many places, wastewater is treated to give out clean water. One of the methods is using activated carbon for wastewater treatment, which works by adsorption. This is a process...

Immersion in Spain within our subsidiary

🤝 Thank you to our Spanish subsidiary Sodimate Ibérica S.L. for having hosted our student Karoline Olesen Pinard as a sales assistant for 3 months !

Immersion with our distributor Spirotech

We would like to thank our UK distributor Spirotech and their team for welcoming Gwennoline COLIN for two weeks to their Sawtry office. The start of a great French / Uk partnership

Water Desalination

The Different Desalination Methods

Freshwater is a basic need, and so wastewater treatment and desalination of saline water are important to make more potable water accessible to the needed populations. This process removes excess salt and also decreases the amount of minerals from the water. Let’s see in detail, what a desalination process is...