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Last October, we took part in the POLLUTEC trade show in Lyon! Pollutec is THE show for environmental and energy solutions in France, with 17 international pavilions represented❗

As part of the construction of a new drinking water plant in France, Sodimate was entrusted by the builder with the design and dimensioning of a complete sludge liming system

CONTEXT The complete installation consists of a 20 m3 Sodimate silo, an arch breaker and metering unit, an injector, a sludge mixer and a sludge conveyor. The dewatered sludge is collected under a centrifuge and fed it to our dynamic MBV 150 notched paddle mixer. Simultaneously, powdered lime is accurately...

Sodimate works with Greenville Utilities Commission WTP to retrofit their PAC injection system

In order to adhere to stringent state and federal drinking water quality regulations, the GUC Water Treatment Plant employs Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) technology to eliminate organic contaminants during their raw water purification process. Unfortunately, their previous PAC discharge system faced consistent reliability and maintenance challenges, necessitating an upgrade. The...