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Polymers Preparation Units


For Polyelectrolytes Powder Synthetic, Frost and Biological Polymer.

Our experience with Polymate range allows us to understand the water and wastewater chemical treatment needs. Therefore, we have developed complete customized automated dry to liquid polymer feed system. Our commitment to the environment resulted in emphasis on reliable biopolymer feed, mixing and slurry system.

Our numerous partners and installations, enable us to improve existing systems, engineer and customize our products to your needs.

Polymatic E

Polymer powder automatic mixing unit.

polymatique E

Polymatic B

Biological polymer powder automatic mixing unit.

Polymatic P

Polymer powder automatic mixing unit.

Préparateur de polymères en émulsion
polymatique SIR

Polymatic SIR

Liquid tight chemical feed enclosure

about polymate


Polymate is your partner for your sludge dewatering, pH regulation, remineralization in potable water and wastewater treatment.
We assist you in your conceptualization of safe liquid -tight and dry chemical feed system.

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