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You have problems with your installation ?

Sodimate technical teams are present to meet your needs. We have qualified technicians who can quickly assess and solve your issue.

Maintenance is essential to ensure the proper operation of your equipment

Mechanical Bin Activator
Arch breaker spindle

The arch breaker spindle is a the main element of our bin activator Sodimate. It allows a good flow of your product. Flexible blades which composed the spindle can deteriorate over time. 
To keep an optimal product flow and avoid damages, Sodimate recommends you to change the blades at least every 2 years. If your installation works 24/7, the change of the blades must be done every year.

Dosing screw or transport screw

The Sodimates screw allow to transport of chemical powder. They are more or less used depending on the type of products dosed/transported and operating time.
This wear can even go as far as breaking. For this reason, it is advisable to check their condition on a regular basis. Their efficiency and the availability of equipment depend on it.

Wear coating for sludge conveyor

The wear coatings on which the sludge conveyor screw is sitting allow the stainless steel auger to be protected. As friction with the screw increases, the coating becomes weathered. It is essential to change it so as not to damage the auger screw.

Toothed Paddle for sludge mixer

The sludge mixer type MBV allows optimum mixing of lime in sludge to reduce its dryness. The Sodimate mixer is composed of two rotors which are made up of toothed paddles. These toothed paddless prevent the formation of lime crust during the mixing phase.
The importance of regular control keeps a homogeneous mixture and limits the clogging that can deteriorate the material.

Silo dust collector

The silo dust filter is an important part of the filtration of your product. It allows the air to escape without releasing dust during the loading phase.
As the loading phase happens, the filtration systems get clogged, plugged and don’t lead to proper air evacuation.
Then the air puts the silo under pressure, the safety valve goes off and the powder is ejected directly to the open air. This can also lead to the deterioration of its silo structure.

Pressure relief valve

The valve is a safety element. It helps to avoid pressure and depressions in the silo, mainly due to poor maintenance of the filtration system and/or loadings carried out too quickly.
When an overpressure occurs in the silo, the valve fires and evacuates the air loaded with dust directly to the outside. The removal of the product by the valve reduces its sealing and efficiency.
A malfunction of the valve can damage the silo structure.

Need performance and reliability?

Regular maintenance avoids shutting down your installation, guarantees your performance and keeps your equipment efficient. In order to keep your installation in perfect working condition, Sodimate recommends a basic maintenance every two years.

To meet your needs, the Sodimate Technical Service will provide you with the different spare parts you require, at the best price and best delivery time.


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Friday to : 8h30 – 12h30


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