Prevent and repair blockages in industrial silos such as tunnel sinkage, arches, bridges or separation with the Sodimate silo breaker.

The standard documentation package includes a specific general arangement drawing, a control philosophy, a P&ID, OMMs and individual data sheets.

A declaration of incorporation is also issued with each installation.

Specific documentation packages can be made on demand and include :

  • Drawings integrated in specific templates, additional views (exploded, sectional)
  • A functional analysis
  • Various quality documents (material certificates, conformity certificates, motors routine tests)
  • A MRB (Manufacturing Record Book following the customer’s template)

This documentation must be requested in your initial inquiry, giving our sales engineers ample time to include them in the proposal.

This question is usually asked in the case of an installation with an existing storage silo with a vibrating bottom or fluidisation extraction system.

Often the silo cone can be dismantled and replaced by a Sodimate standard cone. This adaptation cone can then be part of the service offered by our sales department.

In the case of a non-removable cone, our sales department will confirm whether the dimensions allow the adaptation of Sodimate equipment or not. 

In case of modification, it will be necessary to contact a boilermaker or ideally the original manufacturer of the silo in order to have the modification work costed.