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Bulk Bag Discharger/Unloader

Our units are suitable for a variety of container designs and capacities.

The Big Bag, Fibc Bag, or Bulk bag can be placed on the frame with classical handling methods (fork lif, hoist, etc…).

Our discharge systems for Big Bag, Fibc Bag, or Bulk Bag are designed to meet the requirements of these type of storage. They are employed on installation where dosing system of Activated Carbon, Hydrated Lime, or Quick Lime is required.

Sketch of Big Bag emptying station
Sketch of Big Bag emptying station

A buffer hopper, fitted with a discharge and metering unit is located underneath the container support framework.

An automatic system keeps a constant material level in the hopper by controling the emptying operation.

This ensures, independently from the load, an accurate metering directly from the Big Bag or Fibc Bag. Under the station, an archbreaker is fitted with a flexible screw conveyor to dose the product with a high accuracy. Those equipment are perfect to be associated with a mixing tank of lime slurry.