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SO2- Hcl and acid gas removal

Industrial Air Waste, Hospital Waste and Waste Incineration plants, primarily called Waste To Energy plant (WTE) have the task to clean their air/gas emission to comply with the local regulations.
In that case, the Flue Gas Treatment requires the injection of powder such as Calcium Hydroxide (lime), Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Ash, P.A.C. to catch the pollutants contained into the fumes.
There is a specific powder and Sodimate system dedicated to each pollutant.

The acid gas particles will be caught by the dry reagent injected in the duct thanks to the Sodimate complete system. Then they will be filtered through the bag house at the end of the process.
Sodimate designs and supplies a customized and complete system to inject the powder into the incinerator duct. Usually the scope of supply will integrate the following innovative items:

Cylindrical conical storage silo with mechanical extraction system, type Arch Breaker/ Rotating Bin Activator type with metering screw feeder. We can integrate up to 4 independent feeders to reach separated/ several injection points.
Complete Pneumatic transfer system specifically designed for each dry reagent, from the centrifugal or pneumatic blower to the injection point


If your process requires wet or semi-wet treatment, lime slurry injection complete system.