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Dioxin and Furan Treatment

Wastes incineration, such as household, industrial or hospital wastes, produce flue gases containing a wide range of pollutants. Most of them can be collected through conventional processes such as bag filters, electro-filters, and scrubbers. However, dioxins and heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium can not be treated without a reagent injection such as Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) or lignit coke which catalyze and reduce the pollutants content to range within the legal level of emissions.

In order to inject PAC, the following equipment is necessary :

  • PAC bulk bag discharger : fitted with a mechanical discharge and screw feeder
  • Storage silo : fitted with a bin activator and screw feeder. Sodimate’s silo unloader can be equipped with up to 4 independent screw feeders on one silo and feed several injection points.
  • Pneumatic conveying system: to transport the reagent up to the flue gas ducts (dense phase, positive displacement, spray nozzles)
  • Lime/slurry milk preparation tank (semi-wet and wet process).