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Our equipments

Powder handling

This equipment is a combination of a mechanical bin activator with a flexible screw conveyor. Whatever the silo capacity the silo discharge unit ZDM guarantees flow control and accurate feeding of your powder product such as quick lime, hydrated lime, powdered activated carbon, etc.


SODIMATE now offers a tailor-made mixing tank to provide a complete system for lime milk slurry or activated carbon slurry preparation.

These tanks are made of black HDPE (high density polyethylene) and fitted with a mixer, a water board (with a solenoid valve), a level check system and spigots needed for pumping and emptying a lime milk loop. In order to prevent any dust emission, the dilution tank is completely closed. The system is available in sizes ranging from 500 to 2,000 liters to account for a variety of applications.

Sludge liming

The dynamic sludge mixer MBV design is simple, robust and compact. It can be easily adapted in existing or future sludge stabilization process (for odour removal and / or agricultural purposes) of any water and waste water treatment plant. The sludge mixer is fed with hydrated lime or quick lime by a mechanical discharge and metering unit.

The double counter-rotating rotors are fitted with intersecting and adjustable paddles. They optimise the quality of the mixture as the sludge progresses through the body of the mixer. The cranked shape of the paddles, specifically designed for this application, ensures that the sludge is mixed for the time necessary according to its properties.

Mélangeur MBV alimenté par une vis à boue


Regular maintenance avoids shutting down your installation, guarantees your performance and keeps your equipment efficient. In order to keep your installation in perfect working condition, Sodimate recommends a basic maintenance every two years.

To meet your needs, the Sodimate Technical Service will provide you with the different spare parts you require, at the best price and best delivery time.