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Flobin Unloader

The FLOBIN unloader is adaptable for containers of different capacities and allows the automatic and complete discharging of the container towards the buffer hopper, without compacting the product.

The loading/unloading of the FLOBIN is done by a forklift or a hoist in order to position the container on top of the unloading station.

The FLOBIN valve ensure a dust free opening and emptying of the container.


The rigid container seats on the frame, whose operation is controlled by a product-presence detector placed in the receiving hopper.

Vibration only occurs when there is a lack of product, in order to prevent the product from settling. The receiving hopper is thus constantly fed to keep the dosing unit loaded.

The action of the arch-breaker ensures the continuous flowing of the product into the hopper and the feeding of the screw. The feeder can be rigid or flexible and can be used to lift the product to the point of use..

Advantages :

  • Compact unit
  • Versatility of the unloading station
  • Easy assembly and operation
  • Increased watertightness 
  • Dust-free discharging 
  • Supports containers up to 100 ft3 
  • Easy implementation
  • Direct feeding