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Pneumatic conveying systems

Sodimate pneumatic conveying systems are an alternative to screw conveyors when the onsite installation is complex. Pneumatic conveying systems make it possible to transport powders over long distances, from 0.2 kg / h up to 1000 kg / h.
The product is stored in a silo or big-bag then discharged and fed, using the Sodimate bin activator and screw feeder, to a T-chute where it’s conveyed through a pipeline to its injection point.

The powder is injected at the end of the pneumatic pipeline through an injection nozzle. The metal components of the system (T-chute and injection nozzle) are suitable for transporting powder. To avoid blockages, an anti-clogging coating is applied to the surfaces in contact with the product.

In order to size the equipment, Sodimate takes isometry and the vacuum at the injection point into account. This is needed to comply with recommended speed standards in the piping. To adjust the parameters of the blowing device according to the project specifications, a Pitot probe type sensor for measuring speed, flow and pressure is placed on the speed ramp.

The Sodimate pneumatic transfer uses fans or blowers depending on the product flow and the length of piping. These types of blowing devices are used at low pressure and require little maintenance compared to a conventional powder conveying system.

Sodimate generally uses its pneumatic conveying units to transport products such as activated carbon, slaked lime with a high specific surface, soda ash, clay, polymer, etc.

When the equipment needs to operate continuously and to optimize the installation, Sodimate offers up to 4 screw feeders under silo or big-bag emptying unit in order to feed up to 4 conveying lines. This makes it possible to inject at multiple injection points or to have an installation that is constantly running without having to stop operations during the maintenance phase.