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Slurry Tank

Dilution Tank for Lime Milk Slurry

SODIMATE now offers a tailor-made mixing tank to provide a complete system for lime milk slurry or activated carbon slurry preparation.

These tanks are made of black HDPE (high density polyethylene) and fitted with a mixer, a water board (with a solenoid valve), a level check system and spigots needed for pumping and emptying a lime milk loop. In order to prevent any dust emission, the dilution tank is completely closed. The system is available in sizes ranging from 500 to 2,000 liters to account for a variety of applications.

Measurement and assembly of the system are done according to our customer’s requirements, including the preferred rate of discharge, concentration of the solution, and desired volume of the tank.

With systems intended for lime slurry or activated carbon preparation, Sodimate understands the importance of creating a fully homogenous solution. Our dilution tank is fitted with an agitator, ensuring that the hydrated lime or activated carbon particles are properly submerged, resulting in a quality mixture. Lastly, our tanks are fitted with an anti-vortex paddle in order to improve the overall quality and homogeneity of the mixture.

It’s also possible to adapt the dilution tank system to meet a variety of needs with the following additional applications:

  • Wetting device to increase the quality of activated carbon slurry.
  • Injection Box of hydrated lime to connect the preparation tank and the injector.


Microsand slurry system with sack-tip hopper feeding to a slurry tank
Sodium bicarbonate Slurry Tank
Mixing tank for clay slurry
Polymer slurry Tank
Powdered activated carbon (PAC) slurry tank
Lime slurry tank for sludge treatment prior to dewatering by filter press

Mixing tank for lime milk slurry or activated carbon slurry preparation

SODIMATE offers tailor-made mixing tanks in order to provide complete systems for lime, activated carbon, micro-sand and other chemicals slurry preparation. (potassium permanganate, calcium carbonate)

Because the quality of suspension is a key factor in the success, Sodimate continuously looks for the following charcteristics:

  • A homogeneous suspension, reacting efficiently in the process, thanks to a guaranteed mixing time, proper agitation ad adapted tank design (baffles)
  • A suspension quality that will reduce technical shut offs and maintenance operations
  • A design that will enable savings on CAPEX and OPEX
  • A clean and safe operation, both for the operators and the system, thanks to a totally sealed design and specific accessories

These tanks are made of PPH (polypropylene), black HDPE (high density polyethylene), carbon steel or stainless steel and are equipped with all necessary instruments and accessories:

  • Agitator : specific to each tank size and application
  • Level check system
  • Water supply control board (solenoid valve, rotameter, manual adjustment valve, pressure reducer…)
  • Overflow and draining outlets
  • Double wall inclined bottom, to facilitate tank cleaning (sediments removal)
  • Vent with water spraying system to prevent dust, or VORTEX pre-wetter to facilitate PAC mixing
  • Inspection hatch
  • All necessary connections for pumps and recirculation loops
  • Optionally, Sodimate can propose a pumping skid to pump and dose the suspension

With a range of volumes from 500L to 10 000L, and even more on demand, Sodimate is in a position to provide a solution for every application, taking into account the chemical preparation time, the pumping throughout, the suspension concentration and the requested operation mode (continuous or batch modes).