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Lime Slaker

Plants requiring large quantities of lime slurry, could be cost-effective if the quick lime is slaked on site. The process consists of injecting quick lime in an agitated slaking tank maintaining high concentration. The exothermic reaction by mixing quick lime with water creates heat and steam.

A dust scrubber located on top of the tank removes this excess of steam and creates proper tank aeration. The process is automatically controlled and secured through temperature probe, electronic flowmeter and ultrasonic level probe. Once the quick lime is slaked, lime slurry overflows into a dilution tank in which water is added to obtain final concentration in order to be pumped.

Lime Slaker System

Silos feeding into a lime slaker
Lime slaking tanks feeding into a dilution tank
Lime slaker with grid to protect against high temperatures

Lime slaker system could be manufactured in epoxy coated steel or in stainless steel-304. These are foot mounted units, fitted with a valve in the center of the curved bottom to allow ordinary cleaning of carbonates and grits produced during reaction.

Sodimate’s lime slaker is designed according to customer’s specifications and consumption requirements. Our slakers systems are fully automated and designed with several options to minimize chemical contact with operators and prevent extensive maintenance due to lime coating.

Detail of the convex bottom
Detail of the convex bottom