Convoyeur à vis sur pivot manuel

When the sludge is dehydrated by a belt filter press, decanter or filter press, it might be necessary to use lime and convey it to storage (bin, area, silo, etc.).  Sodimate, in addition to its quicklime discharge and metering installations and the twin-shaft mixer MBV, designs sludge handling and conveying systems by shaftless screw conveyors in order to be able to supply a complete installation.

The CS screw conveyor is composed of a power source, a trough in stainless steel 304 or 316 (Trough in rolled sheet metal without possibility of clogging unlike a trough made in folded sheet metal) with removable bolted lids, UHMWPE liner (very high abrasion resistance) and a shaftless spiral. Several conveyors in a series make it possible to carry out more complex paths (transfer, elevation, chute, etc.) to convey both limed and non-limed sludge.

Convoyeur à vis


Presse étoupe de protection des sources motrices
Goulotte de sortie
Pivot motorisé avec couronne à bille

The use of a shaftless spiral facilitates the inlet of naturally sticky mud and avoids the use of bearings. The spiral rotates on a wearing coating (or liner) in order to protect the stainless-steel trough and increase its lifetime. For long rotors delivered in several sections (> 11 m), Sodimate offers a bolt fixing system preventing any welding works on site.

Convoyeur de 33 m de long alimentant 4 aires de stockage de boue


Convoyeur en reprise d'une centrifugeuse

33 m long conveyor 

Convoyeur en reprise d'un filtre à bande

Conveyor under centrifuge (decanter)

Convoyeur sur pied pivot

Conveyor under belt press filter

Convoyeur en reprise d'une centrifugeuse

Pivoting conveyor

Convoyeur fixé au plafond

Conveyor under centrifuge (decanter)

Convoyeur sur pivot motorisé

Conveyor fixed under the roof

Motorized pivot conveyor

Distribution conveyor

Convoyeur vertical en reprise de mélangeur

Motorized pivot conveyor

Numerous possibilities of setting up the conveyors allow to find the optimum solution for each installation: the conveyors can be strongly inclined, up to a vertical position, equipped with draining outlet, sample taking, multiple outlets with pneumatic valves, automatic rotation for better distribution in the storage area or in the bins… Each CS screw conveyor is designed specifically according to the needs of the application (dry solids %, flow rate, length, angle, type of sludge, etc.). Sodimate’s design department can design a complete sludge stabilization unit from the lime storage silo to the sludge storage area.

With more than 100 projects in France and around the world, Sodimate has established itself as a market leader in the construction of stabilization units.

Exemple d'implantation d'un chaulage de boue

Vertical conveyor receiving from sludge mixer