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Mechanical Bin Activator

This equipment is a combination of a mechanical bin activator with a flexible screw conveyor. Whatever the silo capacity, the silo discharge unit ZDM guarantees flow control and accurate feeding of your powder product such as quick lime, hydrated lime, powdered activated carbon, etc.

In order to increase the accuracy of the volumetric feeder, the equipment can be equipped with an electronical device to become a loss in weight gravimetric feeder.
The arch breaker or silo unloader is fitted with a slide gate valve assembly and is totally mechanical. The product is always maintained within the feeder which guarantees feed accuracy independent of the load in the silo. The mechanical bin activator can be mounted on new or existing silos. The conveyor ensures that the product is transferred to the process application. One silo can be fitted with several screw feeders, either flexible or rigid.

Various Sodimate equipment can be fitted at the outlet of the screw feeder, such as Conveying screw DMRInjector IDMixer MBVMixing tank

Type of dosing screw Range of output Dosing screw external Ø
50 l/h max
40 mm
440 l/h max
50 mm
1400 l/h max
76 mm
2300 l/h max
89 mm
3600 l/h max
108 mm
12000 l/h max
140 mm


By installing a silo arch breaker ZCD 800, it is then possible to install up to 4 screw feeders with different outputs. This is an effective solution for gas treatment systems where several incineration lines need to be fed.