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Your Worldwide Leader for Bulk Handling and Processing Equipment for Water and Air Treatment Applications.

With over 40 years of experience, Sodimate is an engineering company manufacturing bulk storage, mechanical bin activator , feeding , mixing and conveying systems tailored for industries and municipalities.

With more than 9000 custom-made installations worldwide, we have covered the following applications:

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Sodimate is a leader in the bulk handling industry with its innovative 3-in-1 systems; integrating a mechanical bin activator ( arch breaker ) , isolation slide gate, and screw feeder. This leads to more efficient and reliable control of the discharge, feed, and transport of the dry chemical / powder. Our 3-in-1 bulk handling systems are much more economical when compared to purchasing equipment separately. ( Bin Activator + Isolation Valve + Screw Feeder ).


How our technology can solve your issue

Sodimate uses gentle agitation, rather than vibration or fluidization, when discharging and feeding the dry powder . Vibrators mounted directly on bins or silos can cause issues such as compacting, bridging, and silo arching . Our silo mechanical bin activator avoids such issues and prevents rat holing and erratic silo discharge often seen with air injection systems & vibration.


The optimal combination of custom solutions & innovation

Our range of systems can handle various powders and provide with a dedicated team of engineers who ensure the customer satisfaction.

Solutions such as Hydrated lime slurry systems , Soda ash slurry systems , Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) slurry systems , are based on homemade designed equipment and our constant search for innovation.

Our turnkey solutions can also integrate: Silo, Bulk bag discharger stands , Hopper with volumetric screw feeder , Slurry tanks , Slurry metering systems, Flexible and rigid screw conveyors, Pneumatic transfer conveyors, Moisture injection isolation screw , PAC eductors, Lime slakers , Sludge mixers


Upgrading a system (Retrofit)

We can design a completely new system or improve your existing installation by studying your needs and optimizing your process. Upgrading a system (Retrofit) is beneficial to increasing accuracy without installing a new system.

Bulk Handling - Mechanical Bin Activator

Mechanical Bin Activator

Bulk Handling - Screw Feeder

Screw feeder

Bulk Handling - Bulk Bag Discharger

Bulk Bag Discharger

Bulk Handling - Flexible

Flexible Screw Conveyor type DMR

Injector screw type ID

Injector screw type ID

Dilution tank

Slurry tank

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Loss in weight feeder

Loss in weight feeder

Hydro Ejector for PAC & Microsand

Hydro Ejector for PAC & Microsand

Lime slaker

Lime Slaker

Skid of pump

Skid of Pump

Sludge Mixer type MBV

Sludge Mixer type MBV

Sludge conveyor

Sludge Conveyor

Bulk storage silos

Bulk storage silos

Sodimate team is constantly mobilized to offer you the best possible quality and assistance. Our team studies every request and develops the most adapted solutions since the first contact by provide personalized services including start-up assistance, on-site training (by request), troubleshooting and more.

For any request please use our contact form.