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Water Treatment Plant- Metito Duba
Metito, Duba – Water Treatment Plant

Context: Successful completion of the DUBA project by Metito. Sodimate provided discharge and metering units to Metito for their water treatment plant. Here are the details and key highlights:

• Date of commissioning – September 2019
• Size /Capacity of the SWRO – 125,000 m3/day
• Company managing the plant operation: Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation.

About Metito –

Metito is a global leader and provider of water management solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, it provides customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions for a wide range of water management. The Group also provides custom alternative energy development and management solutions for utilities and corporations through sustainable operations thus generating clean, emission-free energy. Metito is known as a pioneer in water treatment in the Middle East region.

Equipment Provided by Sodimate

Sodimate provided two discharge and metering units for hydrated lime from silo capacity: 60 m3 Powder, with flow of 1500 kg/h and density of 0.5. Both the metering conveyors DDMR 100 and DMR 120 Maximum were connected to a frequency inverter. The maximum moisture content monitored was 3% and maximum particle size was 300 µm.


2 Powder Storage Silos, Volume: 60 M3
2 Silo Dust Filters
4 Rotating Paddle Level Sensors
4 Protective Covers for Level Sensors
2 Pressure Relief Valves
6 Pneumatic Hammers
2 Handwheel Slide Valve Assembly Np 10 Nd 200
2 Set of Limit Switches for Slide Valve Assembly
2 Arch breakers ZCD 400 Type
2 Rotating Paddle Level Sensors
2 Metering Conveyors DDMR 100 SCF Type – Ab
2 Additional Metering Conveyors DDMR 100 SCF Type – Ab for Each Arch breaker
4 Isolation Plates for The Metering Conveyors
4 Conveyors DMR 120 SCF Type – Ab
4 Conveyors Elongation Tube
4 Injectors Id 120 Type – Length: 1 M



Sodimate’s Role in the project:

We, at Sodimate, take immense pride in being a part of our client’s success story. Metito, Duba after Treatment Plant was one such example. Our engineering team installed the units, integrated the equipment and provided all the support needed in successful management of the project. We finished the project within the stipulated turnaround time. Sodimate believes in maintaining trust, transparency and excellence throughout our projects.

We are the worldwide leader for bulk handling and processing equipment for Water and Air treatment applications. We have a wide range of equipment for a waste water treatment, pesticide and nitrate treatment, oil and gas treatment and seawater desalination.

With its innovative 3-in-1 systems; we can successfully integrate a mechanical bin activator (arch breaker), isolation slide gate, and screw feeder. This brings more efficient results and reliable control of the discharge, feed, and transport of the dry chemical/powder. Our 3-in-1 bulk handling systems are much more economical when compared to purchasing equipment separately.

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