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Bulk Storage Silos
Bulk Storage Silos; Types, Uses, and Accessories

A bulk storage silo is a storage solution for storing and discharging large amounts of powder. These bulk silos are perfect for large-scale use on farms and industries to safely hold a big amount of whatever chosen product that is in powder form.

Type of Silo Sodimate Uses

Tower Silos

These silos are cylindrical in structure that usually range between 2.5 and 5 m3 (cubic meters) in diameter, and from 7 to 120 m3 (cubic meters) in height (beyond this size, additional studies must be carried out). They can be unloaded by an arch breaker under the silo.

Their advantages include:

● They often pack well due to their weight
● They require less area for construction
● There are lower storage losses associated with their use
● They are convenient to unload in winter
● They allow for greater mechanization during both filling and feed out

Their disadvantages are:

● They have a higher initial cost

Bulk Silos Accessories Used in Silos by Sodimate

Since Sodimate offers a range of silos to different sizes and specifications, there are many accessories that come with them and they include:

Silo Dust Filters

As the name suggests, they intercept any powder particles that are generated during operations to prevent pollution and ensure the safety of operators. In hazardous area manufacturer should be contacted in order to accommodate the accessories in the right safe classification area, like explosives, inflammables, or toxic materials.

Rotating Paddle Level Sensors and their Protective Covers

The rotary paddle switches may be used to detect capacity in storage silos. They can be adapted for extreme conditions due to their simple electromechanical measuring principal, and are suitable for use with almost all powders.

In operation, a shaft driven by a motor causes rotation of the vane and once the level of material reaches the vane, further rotation is prevented. This creates a torque which is converted to an electric signal via a switch. Once material levels go down and the vane is free again, the output signal is reset, causing the shaft to rotate once more. And this process continues.

Pneumatic Hammers

These are optional additions that are helpful in case the environment or the installation is very wet. When the powder within the silo sticks to the walls due to moisture or pressure, they work by causing a violent impact on the walls of the silo in intervals.

Handwheel Slide Valve

The handwheel slide valve is fitted with a stuffing gland so it is water tight and the arch breaker is fully isolated from the product stored within the silo. This makes it possible to access all parts under the slide gate when the silo is full. The slide gate assembly is also equipped with limit switches to prevent operation of the arch breaker when the slide gate is half opened.

Arch breakers

The arch breaker has a rotating spindle which consists of a shaft with several levels of flexible blades. When the discharging impeller is rotated by a motor, powder gets discharged. In case of poor flow, the flexible blades unfold and open the base of the arch, letting the product resume flowing as the blades curl around their hub.

Benefits of Buying from Sodimate

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying your bulk storage silos from Sodimate:

● We offer custom-made silos to cater for a variety of special needs, materials, and conditions
● We provide on-site delivery and installation
● We can cater for huge storage needs
● We provide all the necessary and recommended bulk silos accessories
● We offer turnkey solutions
● Our arch breakers come coupled into any type of silo.

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