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Working with Sodimate


The standard documentation package includes a specific general arangement drawing, a control philosophy, a P&ID, OMMs and individual data sheets.

A declaration of incorporation is also issued with each installation.

Specific documentation packages can be made on demand and include :

  • Drawings integrated in specific templates, additional views (exploded, sectional)
  • A functional analysis
  • Various quality documents (material certificates, conformity certificates, motors routine tests)
  • A MRB (Manufacturing Record Book following the customer’s template)

This documentation must be requested in your initial inquiry, giving our sales engineers ample time to include them in the proposal.

I already have an installation, is a retrofit possible ?

This is a question that is generally asked when the silo already exists and is equipped with a bin activator or fluidization device.
The silo cone can generally be dismantled and replaced with a cone that is compatible with Sodimate standards, and might be part of the Sodimate proposal.
In case of a fixed cone (which can’t be dismantled), Sodimate services will confirm whether the current cone is compatible or not.
When a modification is necessary, the customer will contact the original silo maker or a company able to make such modifications according to Sodimate instructions.

What are the payment terms ?

Payment conditions are negotiated on a case by case basis with our sales department prior to placing the order.
They are based on the project size, the schedule but also the customer’s experience with Sodimate.
Conditions imposed in our customer’s general purchasing conditions are never accepted without a formal written confirmation issued by our commercial department.

What is the delivery delay ?

The delivery times indicated in our proposals are for indicative purposes only and are systematically confirmed prior to placing the order, to take into account our own manufacturing schedule

It is generally about 10 to 14 weeks EXW for standard solutions.

Any specific requirement (such as a different brand name) can affect the delivery time. It is imperative to specify it when inquiring a quotation to our sales service so they can take into account the price and delivery time difference.