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Underground mining project : Sodimate contributes to major VARES project in Bosnia Herzégovina

Discover our contribution to a major mining project in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The aim? Treat wastewater from lead, zinc, barite and silver mines to minimize environmental impact, comply with regulations and protect human health.

Water discharged from lead, zinc, barite and silver mines can contain a variety of contaminants, the main ones generally associated with the ore extraction and treatment processes. Care must therefore be taken to neutralize the pH of the water so that it can be discharged into a natural environment without impacting the environment, flora and fauna, or human health.

Wastewater treatment aims to reduce these contaminants to acceptable levels, in line with current environmental standards.

Here are the key components of our plant for this major mining project:

  • 65 m³ silo: A high-capacity storage tank, ensuring a constant and efficient supply of lime.
  • A mechanical arch breaker: An essential innovation for lime extraction, ensuring a smooth, unobstructed flow crucial to the preparation process.
  • 10 m³ preparation tank: Specially designed to optimally mix lime with water, forming a homogeneous lime milk for precise pH correction.
  • Filling pump skid: Allows fluid, controlled distribution of lime milk to treatment zones, crucial to system efficiency.
  • Electrical control cabinet: The nerve center of our installation, enabling simplified management and real-time monitoring of the entire process.

Why choose our complete solution for major mining project?

Increased efficiency: Thanks to the precision of our equipment, we guarantee optimum pH correction, essential for the treatment of acidic water.
Durability and reliability: Our solutions are designed to last, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring continuous operation.
Ease of integration: The adaptability of our system makes it easy to install, whether in an existing setting or for a new project.
Significant savings: The efficiency of our technology translates into lower operating costs, thanks to optimal use of reagents and better resource management.

At Sodimate, we are committed to providing water treatment solutions that not only meet today’s needs, but also anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. Our bespoke installation illustrates our ability to provide state-of-the-art solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

Explore how our expertise can benefit your water management. Contact us for more information on our customized solutions.

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