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The Slobozia Water Treatment plant

Sodimate recently supplied a lime feed and slurry system to the GRUP ROMET.

in 2013 for a water treatment plant looking to modernize its facilities for the removal of iron, manganese and ammonium.

The Slobozia Water Treatment plant, operated by SC Urban SA with a capacity of 1080 m3/h for 85,000 people, was retrofitted with Sodimate’s Arch breaker DDS400 and 2 screw feeders. Installed under a 6m3 silo, the feed system meters lime at a constant rate to two slurry tanks. Unique to Sodimate systems, the feeders also have the capability to transfer the lime at separate feed rates, maximizing system redundancy without need for a buffer hopper. An injector follows each feeder to protect them from the moisture in the slurry tanks.

The new system has been in constant operation for just over a year and has proven to run smoothly and effectively.