Most efficient, innovative and trusted bulk discharge and handling system manufacturer


Sodimate has over thirty years experience in bulk storage, discharge and conveying systems.
With more than 5,000 installations worldwide, we have covered the following industries :

  • Municipal: Water treatment, Waste Water Treatment, and Desalination
  • Environmental: Flue Gas Treatment (FGT) – Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) for Coal Fire Plants and Waste to Energy Plants



Sodimate is a leader in the bulk handling industry with its innovative 3-in-1 systems; integrating a mechanical bin activator (arch breaker), isolation slide gate, and screw feeder. This leads to more efficient and reliable control of the discharge, feed, and transport of the dry chemical/powder. Our 3-in-1 bulk handling systems are much more economical when compared to purchasing equipment separately. (Bin Activator + Isolation Valve + Screw Feeder).

Sodimate uses gentle agitation, rather than vibration or fluidization, when discharging and feeding the dry powder. Vibrators mounted directly on bins or silos can cause issues such as compacting, bridging, and arching. Our silo mechanical bin activator avoids such issues and prevents rat holing and erratic silo discharge often seen with air injection systems & vibration.